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6018 B
Shingling conveyor
The Laurenti 6018 B conveyor stacker accumulates documents in sequential order and provides removal without the need to stop the equipment to which it is attached.
It has a power meter to regulate belt speed according to document output and equipment productivity, as well as a command panel with preset functions to operate in automatic and manual modes. In automatic mode, documents are layered as they pass under a sensor lens. In the manual mode, the belt continuously layers and speed is adjusted by the operator.
The belt is mounted on extruded aluminum legs, providing lower weight with high mechanical resistance.

Applications with the shee feeder
and collator SF 9014 B
Application with the cutter 1217 C
Dimensions Length 1500 mm
Width 580 mm
Height 1020 mm
Weight 55 Kg
Power requirements 220 V AC +/- 5% (grounded), 60 Hz (50 Hz optional), 1,5 A, 330 W,
1123 BTU/h
Productivity Maximum stacking 6000 sheets 12" , 90 g/m²
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