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BD 9214
Continuous forms flow controller
The BD 9214 paper controller is designed to operate together with Xerox® 495 continuous feeding printers. These devices are high-speed, high-resolution printers for large volumes featuring front and back printing functions. At one of the printing stages, the printer takes the paper sheet back. The BD 9214 controller compensates for the paper return by means of a curve downstream the printer output, which prevents the opposite traction from tearing the stationery.
The BD 9214 is equipped with a motorized system and a stationery traction control – analog/digital system – that synchronizes the printer’s paper sheet delivery speed, preventing insufficient or excessive tension applied to the paper. An analog to digital signal conversion sensor monitors the paper sheet curve and speed, determining the proper traction force and speed and the correct stop point.
WBM 9214
Dimensions Length 1112 mm, Width 813 mm, Height 1570 mm
Power requirements 220 V AC +/- 5% (grounded), 60 Hz
1,6 A, 352 W, 1201 BTU/h
Forms* Width up to 434 mm (17,1")
Paper weight from 64 g/m² (17 lb) to 157 g/m² (42 lb)
* according to printer specifications
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