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Main characteristics
Web turn device for continuous forms

The Flipper 90º deviates a continuous form by inverting the printing face. It is used in printing systems that do not have the necessary physical space for assembly in line.
Flipper 90º
Main characteristics
• Structure assembled in extruded aluminum profiles, which combines lightness and high mechanical resistance;
• The form is deviated by aluminum cylinders, with adjustable fastening on the structure to ensure alignment with other equipment;
• Stainless steel plate on the upper face and duralumin plate on the lower face for structure reinforcement, also helping on the form passage;
• It has a system for direct coupling with a cutter and blocks with height adjustment for leveling with the rest of the printing line.
Dimensions Length 840 mm, Width 840 mm, Height 1085 mm, Weight 14 kg
Forms Width up to 510 mm (20")
Weight from 63 g/m² to 150 g/m²
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