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Self mailers
MMS 5136
Self mailer system for multiple pages

The Multiplex MMS 5136 is a self-mailer system for multiple pages. It converts pre-cut sheets into multiple page self-mailers (up to 5 sheets).
The system includes feeding, collating, gluing, aligning, grouping, folding, perforating and shingling. It operates by optical reading, providing selective control of feeding channels (up to 3 sheet feeders).
On option there is the possibility to fit into the system extra Sheet Feeders (maximum of 3) at any time, what gives you a great versatility to meet a vast job applications variety.

Reliability, versatility and simplicity
An outstanding feature of MMS-5136 is its ability to produce a self-mailer piece with multiple pages by aligning, accumulating and gluing sheets together before folding and perforating them. It also has the collating ability when working with 2 (two) or 3 (three) Sheet Feeders all controlled by an intelligent electronic interface that integrates the whole process, managing a constant and reliable flow of documents.
The hot melt gluing system ensures an efficient, clean and cost-effective process resulting in a high quality mail piece.
Simplicity as one of its main features and a user-friendly interface provides a short learning curve for the operator and quick job change over.
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Dimensions Length 3700 mm, Width 750 mm, Height 1550 mm
Power requirements Self-mailer module
220 V AC +/- 5% (grounded), 60 Hz (mono)
5 A (nominal) 1,7 KVA* , 3756 BTU/h*
* Two feeders configuration

Conveyor module
220 V AC +/- 5% (grounded) 60 Hz (mono),
1,5 A (nominal) 500 VA, 283 kcal/h (1127 BTU/h)
Paper A4 (210 x 297mm)
Letter 81/2 x 11” (216 x 279mm)
81/2 x 13” (216 x 330mm)
Legal 81/2 x 14” (216 x 355mm)

Weight from 75 g/m² to 90 g/m²

PS.: Other applications under consultation.
Capacity Feeder 1600 sheets 75 g/m²
Speed Processed sheets up to 12600 / hour
Folded sheets up to 5600 / hour

PS.: Application without bar code reading - paper A4 75g/m² Portrait
Glue Hotmelt system application
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