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Trim Chopper
The TC 9114 Trim Chopper transforms the strip and trimmed margins of forms from the Cutter CT 1217 in littles pieces, sending them to the container. The chopper speed can be variable to work in the necessary CT 1217 speed, however it can be changed according to the customer needs.
The equipment works on-line system sinchronized with the cutter or off-line system independently of the cutter. In the on-line system the TC 9114 Trim Chopper allows the cutter to turn it “On” or “Off”, according to the functioning of the printing line.
Noise reducers, connected in the tubes and structures, provide safety conditions of working.
Trim Chopper specifications
Dimensions Length 464 mm, Width 389 mm, Height 505 mm, Weight 29 Kg
Power requirements 220 V AC +/- 5% (grounded), 60 Hz (50 Hz optional),
1,6 A, 300 W, 1127 BTU/h
Strips bigger than 1/6” and margin trims above 15 mm width are under consultation
Container specifications
Dimensions Length 630 mm, Width 630 mm, Height 1850 mm, Weight 35 Kg
Capacity 437 liters
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